Lancaster Flood Protection Boundary and Topographic Surveying Services

Erdman Anthony is one of four consultants who were the first to begin working with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) Land Surveying Standards and Procedures Manual with a Focus on Flood Protection on a Boundary and Topographic Survey of the Lancaster Flood Control Project in Erie County, NY.  The boundary survey involves the perimeter retracement of over 250 Flood Protection Easement parcels that were appropriated in the 1940s.  The perimeter boundary totals approximately 24,000 LF.

Primary Project Control was established by GPS ties to three (3) Continually Operating Reference Stations (CORS) and four (4) Second-Order Benchmarks.  The GPS network survey met Federal Geodetic Control Committee (FGSS) Order C2-I standards and specifications.

After the primary control was adjusted, a secondary traverse and level run was surveyed in conjunction with topographic cross-sections along approximately 8,500 LF of Cayuga Creek.  During the topographic survey, readily visible boundary evidence was also located for an approximate preliminary positioning of the boundary.

Once research was completed at the Erie County Clerk’s Office, the written evidence (deeds and maps) was evaluated to establish Title Identity, which is the relationship between the easement boundary and all adjoining parcel lines (such as senior/junior rights).  The approximate boundary location was overlaid on orthoimagery, along with geo-referenced tax map images to create a preliminary boundary worksheet.  Notes on possible boundary evidence location were added to the worksheet to assist the field crew during boundary reconnaissance.

Due to the numerous steps involved in the project – several of them being critical paths – Erdman Anthony prepared a formal Work Plan to aid in project management, and provided weekly updates to the client project manager.

Project Details


Lancaster & West Seneca, NY


New York State Department of Environmental Conservation


November 2012

Project Contact

Bryan Merritt, PSM/LS
  • Bryan Merritt, PSM/LS
  • 561-753-9723 x 6017
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