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Erdman Anthony was contracted by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), District 4, Planning and Environmental Management Office, to develop lighting plans for retrofitting existing roadway lights on SR A1A from the Miami/Dade County line to the Palm Beach County line (approximately 24 miles in length) in Broward County. This fast-track project identified existing pole-mounted luminaires spilling light over adjacent sea turtle nesting beaches. These problem lights included FDOT standard Cobraheads and several types of decorative luminaires and light fixtures.

The project required extensive research and coordination with municipalities, FPL and FDOT District Lighting Engineer Office to develop acceptable design options. Erdman Anthony used innovative approaches (e.g., worked with GPS coordinates for the existing poles to avoid expensive and time-consuming topographic survey) to develop the project plans within a short schedule. We developed design details and specifications for retrofitting the lights and prepared traffic control plans and a cost estimate for close to 500 FDOT standard Cobraheads and decorative lights. The retrofit design replaced the existing high-intensity (250 watts or higher) luminaires with 150-watt shielded luminaires. Using low-intensity luminaires and shielding them resulted, in some cases, in illumination levels that were lower than required by FDOT standards. This necessitated preparation of a lighting design variation package for FDOT approval.

No workable internal/external shields were found for the Acorn type decorative luminaires, these lights were therefore recommended for replacement (done under a separate project by others) and the exisitng lights were turned off during the sea turtle nesting and hatching season from March through October. Erdman Anthony also provided post-design services and prepared as-built plans for the lighting retrofit work. The project was completed in 2008 and has been very well-received by road users and residents.

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Broward County, FL


Florida Department of Transportation, District 4

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Nisar Khan, PE, PTOE
  • Nisar Khan, PE, PTOE
  • 561-753-9723 x 6013
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