Ballantyne Road Corridor Study

The Ballantyne Road corridor is a well-established and highly utilized two-lane, east-west commuter and commercial transportation route across the Town of Chili in western Monroe County, NY. Numerous continuously linked roadway segments make up the corridor, including Ballantyne Road, Archer Road, Beaver Road, and NY 33A (Chili Avenue). An improved connection across the Genesee River at the corridor's eastern terminus was expected to encourage additional growth and development adjacent to the corridor where large tracts of undeveloped land exist. Areas within and beyond the study area are already experiencing significant growth and residential housing developments. The objective of this study was to determine the demand on the Ballantyne Road corridor and the magnitude of improvements, if any, required with continued growth, both internal and external, of the study area. The scope of this corridor study included:

  • Identifying functional criteria for a year 2024 design horizon.

  • Developing existing and future traffic conditions.

  • Performing accident analysis and evaluation of any identified safety deficiencies.

  • Performing capacity analyses of the corridor's roadway segments and major intersections (both signalized and non-signalized) for existing and future conditions.

  • Developing potential roadway and intersection improvements.

  • Identifying potential environmental characteristics or areas of concern that might be affected by roadway and/or intersection improvements.

  • Performin an economic assessment of the maximum development potential of land within the study area.

  • Preparing a study report documenting the existing conditions, needs, and proposed improvements and recommendations.

Project Details


Rochester, NY


Monroe County, Department of Transportation

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Project Contact

William McCormick, PE
  • William McCormick, PE
  • 585-427-8888 x 1080
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