Park Avenue Improvements

Park Avenue is a 1.25-mile urban arterial roadway located just off the I-99 Frankstown Road exit in Altoona, PA. The roadway separates commercial development and regional recreational attractions such as Lakemont Amusement Park and Blair County Ballpark along one side from residential neighborhoods along the other. Due to increasing traffic volumes and additional planned development in the area, a design team led by Erdman Anthony was selected to provide preliminary engineering, final design, and construction consultation for the widening of Park Avenue from two lanes to five lanes.

The new bridge was located in a FEMA-regulated floodway, requiring preparation of a FEMA Letter of Map Revision (LOMR) by Erdman Anthony. A LOMR officially revises the Flood Insurance Rate Map and/or Flood Boundary and Floodway Map.

A community advisory committee provided the backbone for a strong public involvement program that addressed both commercial and residential concerns. Although more than 80 properties were impacted, alignment adjustments were made based on public feedback and an amicable relationship with all project stakeholders was maintained. The management of traffic access to Park Avenue was a central design challenge. Five streets that had intersected with existing Park Avenue were permanently closed, and three major intersections were signalized. A linear park and trail with aesthetic lamp lighting were included along the residential side of the widened highway, and bus pull-offs provide improved public access to the ballpark. An existing bridge over Brush Run was demolished, and a lower-maintenance structure was built. Stormwater management required the relocation of a stream and construction of two retention ponds. Underground utilities were carefully located using nonintrusive methods, and close coordination was maintained with utility owners. The new Park Avenue offers an improved commute for residents in the area and provides a smoother, more picturesque ride that showcases some of Altoona’s best-known attractions.

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Project Details


Blair County, PA


Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, Engineering District 9-0

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Robert Leonard, PE
  • Robert Leonard, PE
  • 717-766-1741 x 5006
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