I-83, Exit 18 Reconstruction

A design team led by Erdman Anthony was selected to study alternatives for improvements to the exits 18 and 19 interchanges on I-83 (SR 0083, Section 040) and develop the selected alternatives for construction bidding. The interchanges are on a heavily traveled section of the I-83 corridor serving the City of York, with an average daily traffic count of more than 50,000 vehicles. During conceptual design, it was determined that Exit 18, a diamond interchange at Mt. Rose Avenue, would be re-designed as a stand-alone project and advanced to final design and construction independent of Exit 19.

Multiple alternatives were evaluated for the reconstruction of the Exit 18 interchange, including a single-point urban interchange (SPUI), a diverging diamond interchange, a compressed diamond interchange, and several hybrid alternatives involving jughandles. The selected alternative has a modified jughandle/trumpet geometry. Overall, the design includes:

  • Reconstruction of one mile of I-83 mainline;

  • Widening of Mt. Rose Avenue, which crosses I-83 at the interchange;

  • Widening of SR 2005, which parallels I-83, including a new intersection with I-83 on/off ramps;

  • Removal of two ramps, reconstruction of two existing ramps, and construction of four new ramps;

  • Reconstruction, replacement, construction, or removal of nine bridges;

  • Construction of one retaining wall, one combined noise/retaining wall, and one noise wall;

  • Construction of an access road to an adjacent business park;

  • Removal of one traffic signal and addition of two traffic signals;

  • Construction of continuous sidewalks on Mt. Rose Avenue and SR 2005.

Mill Creek runs parallel to I-83 throughout the project area. The project proposes construction of four bridges and substantial widening of two existing bridges over Mill Creek, which is part of a detailed FEMA study area with a delineated floodway. The hydraulic analysis of the proposed conditions included the modeling of six bridges and 2,200 feet of stream realignment within a 1.7 mile reach of Mill Creek. The project will cause unavoidable increases to the 100-yearr floodplain; therefore, a Conditional Letter of Map Revision (CLOMR) submission was prepared and is currently being reviewed by FEMA.

When complete, this project will improve safety and performance through the interchange, improve traffic flow on local streets, and accommodate future growth.

Project Details


York County, PA


Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, Engineering District 8-0

Project Contact

Robert Leonard, PE
  • Robert Leonard, PE
  • 717-766-1741 x 5006
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