Bridge D-32 Hydrologic and Hydraulic Analysis

Erdman Anthony supplied the field survey necessary to provide stream cross-sections for the hydraulic analysis of Coopertown Brook at the bridge location for the D-32 Dover Bridge. Erdman Anthony then performed the hydrologic study of the Coopertown Brook watershed in order to determine the anticipated discharge of the creek at the bridge location. The analysis included results for the one-year, two-year, 10-year, 50-year, and 100-year storm frequencies. The hydrologic study was performed in accordance with industry-standard methodology. Erdman Anthony also performed a one-dimensional hydraulic analysis of Coopertown Brook using HEC-RAS to evaluate the bridge structure waterway opening in sufficient detail in order to determine the parameters for the 50-year and 100-year flood events, which included: stream discharge (flow rate) at the bridge location; stream velocity at the bridge location; water-surface elevation at the upstream bridge fascia; and water-surface profile within 100 feet of the upstream and downstream bridge fascias.

Erdman Anthony also prepared the hydrologic/hydraulic report that included the description of the general topography and hydrology of each watershed, a description of the analysis methodology, and analysis results for both the existing and proposed bridge structures. All field data, mapping and other technical information used to perform the analyses were included with this report. The hydrologic and hydraulic analyses were performed in accordance with the principles outlined in the New York Highway Design Manual, New York State Bridge Manual, and AASHTO’s Standard Specifications for Highway Bridges (17th edition). 

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Dover, NY


Dutchess County

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William McCormick, PE
  • William McCormick, PE
  • 585-427-8888 x 1080
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