Seminole Pratt Whitney Road

This project included roadway design, engineering survey, and plans preparation for construction of the expansion of Seminole Pratt Whitney Road from two lanes to four lanes for 1.3 miles in western Palm Beach County.

The key engineering aspect of this project was the determination of the drainage pond location and concept. It was determined that a single large pond was the only viable option due to existing developments adjacent to the project corridor. Erdman Anthony prepared a pond siting report that looked extensively at the cost associated with alternate pond locations. In addition to the pond site being a determining factor in the drainage design, the project corridor traverses three separate drainage districts, requiring close coordination for the issuance of permits.

The south terminus of the project required the expansion of the state road intersection connecting to the county facility. Extensive permit involvement, including a provision for separate water quality attenuation, was required for the expanded intersections.

Project Details


Palm Beach, FL


Palm Beach County, Roadway Production

Project Contact

James Noth, PE, PSM
  • James Noth, PE, PSM
  • 561-753-9723 x 6020
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