SR 710 Beeline Highway

Erdman Anthony (as Crossroads) provided engineering and surveying services as a prime consultant for FDOT, District 4, for the milling and resurfacing of SR 710 from Speedway Road to west of Commerce Drive in rural western Palm Beach County. The SR 710 project was a 2.5-mile 3R project involving milling and resurfacing to improve poor pavement conditions and add paved shoulders.

An important safety improvement involved increasing the superelevation of the reverse curves due to the high-speed nature of the facility. A private railroad spur crossed the roadway near the beginning of the first curve, so the profile grade line was designed carefully to result in minimal impacts to the elevations at the railroad crossing. After due consideration, the superelevation improvement was achieved with overbuild rather than reconstruction, thus speeding the construction process and reducing the maintenance-of-traffic effort. 

Storm water storage also was needed for water quality purposes due to the addition of paved shoulders. The right-of-way was wide; however, the outer limits of the right-of-way area were classified as wetlands. We were successful in achieving the necessary storage volume within the median swale. Thanks to the superelevated curves, sufficient impervious surface drained towards the median to exceed the additional impervious area. Therefore, by raising the median inlets slightly, the water quality volume was achieved without purchasing land, constructing expensive exfiltration trenches, or impacting the wetlands.

Project Details


Palm Beach County, FL


Florida Department of Transportation, District 4

Project Contact

James Noth, PE, PSM
  • James Noth, PE, PSM
  • 561-753-9723 x 6020
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