SR A1A from NE 18th Street to Oakland Park Boulevard

Erdman Anthony provided land surveying, and roadway design services on this 1-mile 3R project consisting of milling and resurfacing, sidewalk/ADA construction, signing and pavement marking, street lighting, signalization, and landscaping. The project will add 4-foot bike lanes by narrowing and re-striping the existing travel lanes without any pavement widening; evaluate the need for replacing existing span wire assemblies and strain poles at North Atlantic Blvd, and NE 30th Street intersections with mast arms; upgrade pedestrian facilities; update all signing and pavement markings to comply with the current MUTCD requirements; provide additional landscape amenities, and address clear/control zone infractions. Existing street lighting will be analyzed for adequacy if safety problems related to lighting are identified. The horizontal and vertical alignments will remain unchanged, but variances will be needed for four horizontal curves that do not meet 3R criteria.

Project Details


Ft. Lauderdale, FL


FDOT D4-Consultant Management

Project Contact

James Noth, PE, PSM
  • James Noth, PE, PSM
  • 561-753-9723 x 6020
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