Zotos International Technology Center

Erdman Anthony performed engineering services for the $8.6 million renovation and consolidation of Zotos International Technology Center, a global hair products manufacturing operation. The project included the renovation and consolidation of 50,000 sq ft of existing space into a new 35,000 sq ft chemical compounding plant. The project was executed in phases in order to maintain production.

The design team, in conjunction with the owner, incorporated the following components into the new plant:

  • New 150 ton chilled water system with waterside economizer for process cooling

  • New 450 BHP, 150/40/15 psig steam process heating system

  • New process and utility piping systems, serving approximately 50 reactors

  • New building HVAC system

  • Building High Efficiency Lighting

The energy savings predicted for the project would result in the following estimated annual reduction in emissions:
487 pounds of nitrogen oxides (NOx)
981 pounds of sulfur oxides (SOx)
143 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2)

These savings are equivalent to removing 29 cars from the road. 

Project Details


Geneva, NY


Zotos International

Construction Cost


Project Contact

Bruce Wallmann, PE
  • Bruce Wallmann, PE
  • 585-427-8888 x 1060
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