Golisano Children’s Hospital Scan to BIM

Erdman Anthony was retained as a subconsultant to provide professional services to complete the development of an architectural Revit Model using laser scanning technology to obtain existing conditions.  Erdman Anthony’s scope of work involved a combination of control surveys and scans of selected building exterior elevations and interiors of the portions of the complex being considered for renovation and expansion.

Erdman Anthony completed survey control for all the exterior and interior locations in the building being scanned. This control was used to establish GPS positions for input into the laser scanner.  From the laser scans, point cloud files were generated and stitched together to provide a composite three dimensional image. This image was then referenced by Revit for use in the establishment of the Revit Model for the existing conditions. This model was then to be used by the architectural team to develop concepts and eventually base models for the design phase of the project.

Project Details


Rochester, NY


University of Rochester

Project Contact

Bruce Wallmann, PE
  • Bruce Wallmann, PE
  • 585-427-8888 x 1060
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