National Fuel Gas Pipeline Installation Data Management Project

Erdman Anthony was retained by National Fuel Gas Supply Corporation to complete the data management for two gas main installation projects in the Southern Tier of Western New York. The projects included approximately 80 miles of pipeline through some very difficult terrain in Erie and Cattaraugus counties.  The project included numerous interconnections and compressor stations throughout the service areas.

The Erdman Anthony data management team was led by a field data manager who was responsible for constant coordination with construction team members to provide measurements, data collection, documentation, and quality checks in the field. The manager participated in daily and weekly project briefings, during which he communicated issues and relevant information at each meeting, and in turn communicated with field and office staff. He uploaded data in preparation for delivery to NFG, reviewed project specifications to ensure data collection and documentation were conducted according to the NFG requirements.

The field data collection was done by a team of surveyors and technicians who closely followed construction crews and were on site 100% of the time pipe was being installed. This meant accessing difficult terrain and being available seven days a week while pipeline operations were ongoing. The field data collection staff  compiled their observations, reports, and summaries of daily activities; maintained project survey control; set secondary control as needed; collected survey-grade GPS data points at locations specified for each work task; and measured and logged quantities of field material and volumes as installed.

The Erdman Anthony data management team performed the duties described above within a general workflow process that was divided into daily activities, weekly activities, and project close out procedures and that followed the process defined by NFG. At the conclusion of the project, NFG recieved the massive amount of data required to accurately document the construction activities.

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Erie and Cattaraugus Counties, New York


National Fuel Gas



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Project Contact

David Standinger, PLS
  • David Standinger, PLS
  • 585-427-8888 x 1070
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