The Commons at Fleming's Farm

The project, located just west of the main gate of Fort Drum, subdivided 178± acres of vacant fallow farmland into five lots. Lot #1 at nearly 44 acres in size will be developed as a 302-unit multifamily townhouse and apartment complex to be known as The Commons at Fleming’s Farm (The Commons). Along with the townhouses and apartments, the project includes development of a community center/rental office, recreation spaces, sports courts, an 83-unit storage facility, and associated public and private roads, parking areas, sidewalks, bus stops and other site amenities.

Erdman Anthony prepared sketch plan, preliminary and final Subdivision and Site Plan Application packages in order to obtain Subdivision and Site Plan Approval from the Town of Le Ray Planning Board. Erdman Anthony also assisted the client with a Zoning Board of Appeals application in order to obtain a favorable interpretation that the planned one and two-car garages would count towards the total amount of required parking. Site planning design was progressed under the town’s “Cluster Development” regulations that promote the clustering of dwelling units and preservation of open space for both active and passive recreational use.

Site planning and design included coordination with:

  • Client’s environmental consultant for SEQR Environmental Assessment and Bat Conservancy establishment.
  • Two fire departments for fire-hydrant locations and fire-protection access
  • The local school district for bus-stop locations
  • Client’s landscape design consultant for a splash park, playgrounds and recreation fields / courts, walking paths, plantings, and similar site amenities.
  • Project architects for building entry locations, walkways and garage-entry locations.
  • The town’s Engineer and the Development Authority of the North Country (DANC) for both public water supply and sewage disposal.

Site-utility design, site grading and stormwater management were challenged by the site’s flat topography and the presence of bedrock at shallow depths throughout the site. The resultant sanitary sewer design avoided the use of pump stations and force mains while maintaining sewer depths of 3 – 9 feet to minimize rock excavation. The use of buried piping for stormwater conveyance was minimized by designing shallow drainage swales, infiltration trenches and roadside gutters to collect and convey surface runoff. Other site-utility design included municipal water supply and distribution, street and parking lot lighting, and designation of corridors for natural gas distribution piping and buried electric and telecommunication duct banks

The site design and engineering for Site Plan Approval also included the preparation of the following:

  • Engineering Report for Water Supply
  • Engineering Report for Sanitary Sewer Service
  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan, including Notice-of-Intent for coverage under SPDES General Permit for Stormwater
  • Discharges from Construction Activities.

Project Details


Le Ray, NY


Fidelity American Holdings Corp

Project Contact

Martin Willix, PE
  • Martin Willix, PE
  • 585-427-8888 x 1015
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