I-81 over Erie Canal and Oneida River

This $9 million bridge rehabilitation project involved a structural integrity evaluation report and preliminary and final design for a unique structure. The technical challenges of this project cannot be understated: The I-81 bridge over Oneida Lake was the longest pre-stressed concrete superstructure in the country at the time of construction in 1958. The 75-foot anchoring wing spans cantilever over the piers and carry the "drop in" girders to make a 320-foot channel span. The key to this project was a critical assessment of the post tensioning and remaining service life for this complex bridge.

Early phases of the project called for a structural evaluation report, including bridge inspection and analysis, and work zone traffic control plans.

The construction work included overlay replacement, new traffic barriers, joints, scupper removal and concrete repair in distressed areas, new scuppers, epoxy injection of beam cracks, supplemental external post tensioning to drop-in beams, external post tensioning to two diaphragm lines supporting the drop-in beams, and sealing of vulnerable concrete areas. To provide the bridge load rating, a comprehensive finite element model was made to capture the method of original construction and all the changes made over the structure’s life.

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Oswego, NY


NYSDOT Region 3

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William McCormick, PE
  • William McCormick, PE
  • 585-427-8888 x 1080
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