Genesee Valley Park Ice Rink Compressors

The Genesee Valley Park Pool and Ice Rink in Rochester, NY, was built in 1976. In 1987, the ice rink was enclosed to create the facility it is today, the Genesee Valley Park Sports Complex. 

The ice rink and its associated mechanical and electrical components are original to the facility. The vast majority of the ice rink's refrigeration equipment also dates back to 1976, with the exception of some upgrades, notably the evaporative condenser bundle replaced in fall of 2008. 

Erdman Anthony performed an assessment of the mechanical components and provided recommendations to the City of Rochester for upgrades.

Ultimately we recommended replacing the existing compressors. This included a new evaporative cooler,  R-22 compressors, and controls for the ice rink and the defogger, new valves for all refrigerant piping, along with new piping, and insulation and accessories in selected areas. Heat recovery from the compressors would be used to prevent the slab from heaving.

Various refrigerants were also evaluated; however, the existing piping system, because of its pipe sizing and spacing, could utilize only R-22 to make ice reliably. In addition, the oil used for existing compressors is only compatible with R-22. Converting the system to an alternate refrigerant would have required flushing the entire system and removing all trace of the previous oil – a near impossible feat. It was therefore concluded that the best solution, given the client's budget and confidence in the integrity of the existing slab and piping, would be to keep the R-22 system intact and replace the existing reciprocating compressors and evaporative condenser with similar R-22-compatible equipment.

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Rochester, NY


City of Rochester

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Andrew Taylor, PE, FPE
  • Andrew Taylor, PE, FPE
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