SFWMD G-716 Divide Spillway

The District needs divide structure within the Stormwater Treatment Area 1 East (STA-1E) to increase the capacity of the flow. This will enable the District to transfer stormwater runoff from the Western C-51 Basin, through STA-1E for delivery to the STA-1W for treatment or to the L-8 Flow Equalization Basin (FEB) for storage and subsequent treatment. The spillway will be a fully automated, electrically operated three gate structure with a peak capacity of 2,600 cfs.

The structure will be located within the levee that separates the eastern and western distribution cells. The spillway will supplement the other 1,000 cfs gated box culvert structure (S-375) already located within this levee. The levee will be widened by approximately 160 feet in the vicinity of the structure in order to maintain the integrity of the levee.

The structure will allow the District to manage and control water with bi-directional flow; therefore, a symmetrical trapezoidal weir will be used. The access road and laydown areas will be shell rock or lime rock and stone rip rap slope protection is proposed on the banks. The gates will be double faced and provided with seals on both sides of the vane.

The control building that will house the controls and an emergency generator will be resistant to hurricane and wind-driven rain. A 500 gallon propane tank will be located underground for a minimum of 7 days run time will be provided. A separate emergency feeder from this generator will serve the existing Structure S-375. Radio communications between the Divide Structure and SFWMD headquarters will be via UHF radio at the SFWMD’s designated frequencies.

Erdman Anthony is the prime consultant and lead designer for the design and preparation of construction drawings and specifications for this $5MM spillway. The design was completed with a preliminary submittal and a final submittal to help the District meet a consent order deadline for producing final plans. Work included a detailed design report to document the project decision making process, two presentations to the management team, and responding to peer comments from the District technical review team.

This project has five main elements:
  • Remove the existing G-707 gated culverts;
  • Replace them with the new G-716 gated spillway;
  • Removed a portion of the existing levee due west of the new G-716 gated spillway structure to allow flow to enter the storage basin; and Armor the north side of the canal at the FPL easement near G-311.
  • Provide an emergency generator for the proposed G-716 structure that will also serve the existing S-375 structure approximately 1000’ south.

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Loxahatchee, FL


South Florida Water Management District

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