Germantown Avenue (SR4007, Section 14B and SR4005, Section 15P)

Erdman Anthony is providing inspection services for two projects to rebuild and aesthetically improve Germantown Avenue in the City of Philadelphia. The SR4007 Section 14B project included approximately $17 million in improvements that spans from Allen Lane to Mermaid Lane, a distance of 3,350 feet and the SR4005 Section 15P project included approximately $9 million in improvements and spans from Ashmead Place to Church Lane and Harvey Street to Walnut Lane, a distance of 2,625 feet. Work consists of multi-phased full depth roadway reconstruction with trolley track rehabilitation, new granite curb and cobblestone shoulders, reconstruction of underground utilities (water, sewer and gas mains), as well as sidewalks, street lighting, trees and streetscape improvements. The SR4007 Section 14B project also included structural repairs to a stone-arch bridge built in 1884 that carries Germantown Avenue over Cresheim Valley Creek. Work is being conducted and phased with an emphasis on maintaining pedestrian and vehicular access to local businesses and institutions. Significant utility coordination is required and has involved Philadelphia Gas works, Philadelphia Water Department, SEPTA, PECO, Verizon, and the City of Philadelphia Traffic and Lighting.

These two projects on Germantown Avenue are in a "historical" section of the City of Philadelphia and much of the work is being done directly in front of many historical buildings such as the Deshler/Morris House, George Washington's summer White House, Wyck House and many others. Special care is being taken to maintain the sidewalks as well as the cobblestones in front of these buildings in order to conform to the "historical period".

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Philadelphia County, PA


Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, Engineering District 6-0

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Noel Caron, PE
  • Noel Caron, PE
  • 717-766-1741 x 5009
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