Hudson Valley Community College – South Drive Reconstruction

The road-widening design included detailed design of the new profile to allow positive draining away from existing facilities. The roadway surfaces were replaced with concrete pavement and curbing to withstand the existing and proposed traffic conditions, as well as provide exceptional service life. Roadway and campus aesthetics were kept in mind throughout the design process. This resulted in the placement of a stamped concrete-brick pattern in the curb lines of the roadways. In addition to the roadways reconstruction, the approaches, entrances, and adjoining spaces of several parking lots and facilities were also completed. This effort included emergency phone stations and relocation of wiring for parking lot-barricade card readers, as well as modification of existing parking lots to accommodate additional parking spots. 

Our staff used computer modeling to size systems properly to meet immediate demands while accommodating future needs, especially for the design of a new stormwater drainage system for the roadways and walkways. In addition, a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) was prepared in accordance with the NYSDEC Stormwater Design Manual. The design of the stormwater system incorporated post-construction green practices, including infiltration trenches. 

Part of the design also included a lighting plan for the new pedestrian walkways and adjacent parking lot. The project also called for design of concrete pavers, decorative walls, plantings, and other aesthetic landscaping features.
Erdman Anthony also provided bidding-phase support, reviewed bids, and recommended award. We have extensive experience in the calculation of construction-cost estimates. We are also adept at following the latest in construction trends and utilizing state-of-the-art computerized estimating software. Furthermore, we maintain a library of bid tabulations from recent projects throughout New York to provide accurate and current cost estimates. This data bank is combined with the substantial construction experience of our design staff to create very realistic estimates. We are well aware of the future planning and funding ramifications of our estimates and have the knowledge to determine costs accurately.

For this project, we performed construction management services, which included weekly SWPPP inspections, biweekly progress meetings, shop-drawing approvals, and contractor payment application review.

Project Details


Troy, NY


Hudson Valley Community College



Construction Cost

$1.7 M

Project Contact

Daniel Ziemianski, PE
  • Daniel Ziemianski, PE
  • 716-631-1241 x 1103
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