South Cascade Drive/Miller Road Bridge over Cattaraugus Creek

This project involved bridge-replacement design and construction on a New York State Design-Build Procurement. The bridge’s site, known as the Zoar Valley, is located about 60 miles south of Buffalo, NY, in the towns of Concord and Ashford. This vicinity of Cattaraugus Creek is a designated River in the Nationwide Rivers Inventory of Wild, Scenic and Recreational Rivers. Near the bridge, the valley is close to 200 feet deep, and the valley walls are near-vertical rock outcrops. 
Project work included demolition of the existing 660-foot-long bridge, a work-zone traffic control/detour plan to maintain local and through traffic during construction of the new bridge, coordination with utility owners requiring relocation and/or preservation of existing utilities, and wetland impact avoidance. Also, the demolition required environmental permitting from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation for temporary fills in Cattaraugus Creek for a temporary bridge, temporary work platforms, and the actual bridge demolition/removal.
The new bridge is a three-span steel-multigirder superstructure. The selected spans are 210 feet, 250 feet, and 160 feet. The center span was set to provide adequate floodway for Cattaraugus Creek. The taller of the two piers rises from its footing foundation to 164 feet, making it the tallest pier in New York state. A downstream dam will be removed in the future, so the pier pile foundations had to be designed without confining streambed soil. The bridge was evaluated for seismic and wind load cases, without the confining streambed soil.

Project Details


Towns of Concord and Ashford, Erie and Cattaraugus Counties, NY





Construction Cost

$16.9 Million

Project Contact

Sam Anthony, PE, F.ASCE
  • Sam Anthony, PE, F.ASCE
  • 585-427-8888 x 1081
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