Historic Gurley Building

The Gurley Building in Troy, NY, is a multi-tenant commercial building that is listed as a National Historic Landmark. The building is fully protected by multiple automatic sprinkler systems and a manual-wet standpipe system. The building’s managers had witnessed some leaks in the existing piping and requested that Erdman Anthony provide engineering services for the evaluation and inspection of the existing fire suppression systems.

During the evaluation process, Erdman Anthony generated record drawings of the existing piping installations and identified potential system deficiencies due to code or maintenance issues. Erdman Anthony coordinated ultrasonic testing of the existing piping to help determine the current condition of the existing sprinkler and standpipe systems. This nondestructive testing, along with physical observations, identified rates of corrosion within the piping and estimated life expectancy.

Erdman Anthony coordinated with the municipal water company to provide an updated water hydrant test, and hydraulic calculations of the existing systems also were performed in order to evaluate compliance with the original system design.

The information generated from this evaluation will be used to develop design documents for system upgrades and phasing plans.

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Troy, NY


Albany Management Inc.



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Jerry Young, PE, LEED AP®
  • Jerry Young, PE, LEED AP®
  • 518-783-1205 x 1235
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