Marcellus Shale Gas Development Survey Support

Under an “On Call” sub-consultant agreement, Erdman Anthony provided field support on both pipeline and well-site development surveys for one of the leading natural gas producers in the country.

Utilizing both real-time kinematic (RTK) GPS and total stations, multiple Erdman Anthony field crews supported the prime consultant as needed at various sites, including:

  • Stakeout of a total of 7,000 linear feet of gathering pipeline. Stakes were set every 100 feet along centerline and along limits of destruction on both sides of the corridor.

  • Stakeout of well pads, silt fences, and property lines for construction.

  • Reconnaissance of property boundary evidence using deeds and maps of record.

Quick mobilization and clear communication with the Prime was essential, as Erdman Anthony was typically called upon when critical project survey deadlines were in jeopardy. Efficient, timely integration into the project by Erdman Anthony personnel was a reason for repeat work orders under this agreement. 

Project Details


Bradford County, PA


Confidential Leading Producer of Natural Gas in the United States

Project Contact

David Standinger, PLS
  • David Standinger, PLS
  • 585-427-8888 x 1070
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