SUNY Oneonta Auxiliary Services Building

Oneonta Auxiliary Services (OAS) is a not-for-profit corporation that manages the dining, retail, bookstore, and vending services at SUNY Oneonta. It plays a major role in providing high-quality services to the college community.

The goal of this construction project was to have a building dedicated to OAS to improve its efficiency, thereby freeing up space in the student union for additional programs such as admissions.

The new building is 20,450 square feet and set into an existing hill adjacent to the present student union. The state-of-the-art building was designed for flexibility as retail services and the bookstore evolve. The building also incorporates sustainable design elements that complement various programs and their operations.

As a standalone building on campus, the mechanical systems are self-contained to the building. Heating and cooling are provided by variable refrigerant systems, which also provide energy efficiency and the ability to provide local zoned controls. Ventilation is distributed to each zone from a central energy-recovery unit that preconditions the incoming air. The smaller refrigerant piping and ventilation ductwork allowed for higher ceilings without having to increase the building’s height.

Plumbing systems incorporate low-flow fixture technologies to conserve water. Additionally, a green roof is being designed on a portion of the building to reduce stormwater runoff, energy use, and the heat island effect of a traditional roof. Evaluation of an existing water supply to adjacent drinking fountains and irrigation systems was performed and resulted in modifications to the system to ensure proper cross-connection and backflow protection.

LED fixtures with stepped dimming allow the building’s occupants to adjust their area based on the amount of available natural light. Ultimately, all systems were incorporated into the open architecture design, enhancing the design’s aesthetic qualities.

Project Details


Oneonta, NY


SUNY Oneonta



Construction Cost

$6.6 Million

Project Contact

Bruce Wallmann, PE
  • Bruce Wallmann, PE
  • 585-427-8888 x 1060
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