Confidential Research Client

Erdman Anthony was retained to perform fire protection and life safety assessments of multiple buildings for this Confidential Research client. The initial project involved the evaluation of automatic sprinkler systems that serve multiple research clean rooms and associated support spaces. This evaluation included ultrasonic pipe testing to determine the condition of the existing piping, water quality testing to identify the possible presence of corrosion contributors, and a review of existing conditions and preparation of record drawings.
The findings in the report were then used to develop bid documents that allowed our client to replace the existing automatic sprinkler system piping within these sensitive research spaces.

The second project involved the evaluation of an existing multi-story building that contained approximately 86,000 sq ft of research and testing occupancies. The building was constructed in five phases between the years of 1954 and 1979 and was partially covered by multiple automatic sprinkler systems. It was our client’s goal to provide sprinkler coverage throughout the entire building, to identify the current hazards and occupancies in order to ensure proper coverage within the existing spaces, and to provide record documentation of the facility.

Erdman Anthony performed multiple site visits, coordinated with health and safety staff and with insurance underwriters, and worked with product manufacturers to assess the existing conditions and to make recommendations for upgrades. These recommendations were then used to develop construction documents for bidding. Erdman Anthony provided assistance and support during construction and delivered record documents at the project completion.

Project Details


Capital Region, NY


Fortune 500 Confidential Research Client



Project Contact

Andrew Taylor, PE, FPE
  • Andrew Taylor, PE, FPE
  • 585-427-8888 x 1056
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