Diamond Mills Dam

This project involved providing design and environmental permitting services and construction-phase observation services for Phase 1 of this dam rehabilitation project. The Diamond Mills Dam is a privately owned, 350-ft.-long and 32-ft-high dam on Esopus Creek. Phase 1, under construction, includes the rehabilitation of the sluiceway and gate that formerly fed water into the adjacent mill and hydroelectric plant. Phase 2 will include rehabilitation of the entire dam to meet current standards.

Phase 1 of this project began with obtaining a construction permit from the Division of Dam Safety of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation in order to make necessary repairs to the sluiceway and gate for Diamond Mills Dam. Our firm's involvement included preparation of design plans, sections, and details for such repairs. The design plans included a temporary cofferdam structure to dewater the spillway during repairs, sample details for repair of the concrete surfaces of the spillway structure, design of a temporary work platform for the gate work, and details for replacement or repair of the existing gate. We also met with NYSDEC's Division of Dam Safety personnel to discuss the project and schedule for approvals and repairs and to provide inspection services during Phase I.

The next phase included preparation of the wetlands permit application to drawdown the reservoir behind the dam. Drawdown was necessary to fully inspect the dam and test its foundation and condition.

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Saugerties, NY


Leading Edge Developers, Ulster County, NY

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Daniel Ziemianski, PE
  • Daniel Ziemianski, PE
  • 716-631-1241 x 1103
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