Bink’s Forest Golf Club

When the Binks Forest golf course was first constructed in the 1980’s it was a premier champion golf course and the centerpiece for the five, high-end, single-family, residential neighborhoods that ring the course.  However, The Binks Forest Golf course had ceased business, been foreclosed, and been abandoned for four years resulting in an unmaintained eye-sore.  Various proposals to restore the course or convert it to other uses were widely and hotly debated.  Aquila Binks Forest proposed to restore the large club house, construct a driving range within a power easement, construct a golf cart barn, construct a new maintenance building to replace the condemned one, and to convert the old driving range into an up-scale town house community.  To date, all phases, except for the townhouses, are complete and operating.

Erdman Anthony has provided civil engineering services for the project.  The club house renovation included rehabilitating the parking lot to meet current ADA standards, resurfacing the parking lot, and expanding the parking lot to include grass parking under the power easement.  The additional surface water storage volume needed for the parking lot expansion was also placed in the power easement.  A new private grinder lift station or sanitary sewer was installed and an expansion of the courtyard area was completed to provide additional meeting space.  Erdman Anthony provided plans, permitting, construction observation, and certification. 

Erdman Anthony also prepared water, sewer, paving, grading, and drainage plans for the new golf cart barn.  Erdman Anthony worked with the fire department, owner, and architect to design a building that would accommodate stacked golf carts and therefore would be small enough to not require a fire sprinkler system thus saving the owner approximately $20,000.   Once under construction Erdman Anthony provided construction observation and certification.  Erdman Anthony provided similar services for the new maintenance building which included a tall and heavily landscaped berm to separate the maintenance building from the existing residences.  Erdman Anthony worked with the Village, architect, and owners to eliminate all required parking, thus eliminating the requirement for handicap parking spaces.   All of the surface water management for the maintenance building was directed to dry detention ponds in the power easement.  Therefore, coordination with FPL was significant and lengthy.

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Wellington, FL


Aquila Binks Forest

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Dana Gillette, PE, PSM, LEED AP
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