S. Parsonage Street Water Main Relocation

In the Village of Rhinebeck, the S. Parsonage Street bridge crosses over Landsman Kill stream. Upstream of the bridge, there was an existing 10-inch ductile iron water main buried within the streambed. This water main transmits water from the water source to a tank and provides water in the Village of Rhinebeck. During storm flooding, the water main became fully exposed due to significant streambed scour. Since the exposed water main was then at risk of damage from debris, it was relocated to a more protected location in the roadway corridor.

Before the water main was moved, Erdman Anthony completed a feasibility review for its relocation. The review compared three alternatives, including a horizontal directional drill for the new water main below grade under the bridge; jack and bore the new water main below grade under the bridge; or hang the new water main under the downstream side of the existing jack-arch bridge. The selected alternative was to hang the water main below the bridge tucked up into an arch.

Erdman Anthony completed survey, design, permitting, bid support, and engineering construction support services for the relocation. Following its completion, the existing water main crossing in the stream was removed.

For the design, Erdman Anthony prepared detailed drawings, an engineer's report for submittal to the local health department, an engineer’s opinion of probable construction cost, written technical specifications, and contractual upfront documents for bidding.

Erdman Anthony obtained approvals required for the proposed work. New York State Department of Environmental Conservation was contacted regarding protection of Landsman Kill, a trout stream. Dutchess County Department of Health approval was sought for proposed water main work within an existing public water-supply system. The Town of Rhinebeck Highway Department and the New York State Department of Transportation were contacted for approval of work on the existing bridge, regulated by NYSDOT and maintained by the Town of Rhinebeck.

Erdman Anthony provided bid support to the Village, which included bid advertisement; pre-bid meeting; response to bidder questions by way of written addenda; review of bids and contractor references; bid summary; and award recommendation letter.

During construction, Erdman Anthony facilitated the construction kick-off meeting; reviewed materials submittals, the construction schedule, and payment requests; provided field observations; observed leakage, disinfection, and structural pull tests; assisted with resolving discovery of unregistered landfill findings; prepared the punch list for completion of the work; and prepared engineer certification.


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Rhinebeck, NY


Village of Rhinebeck

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Daniel Ziemianski, PE
  • Daniel Ziemianski, PE
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