City of Buffalo Large Valve Replacement

The scope of work included replacement of 12 valves from 24 inches to 48 inches in size at multiple points in the City of Buffalo’s water transmission system. A program to refurbish a number of large-diameter valves in place was included as well; it specified replacement of broken parts with new pieces manufactured under this contract. Finally, the contract called for installation of smaller-diameter water mains, valves, and fittings as necessary to facilitate shutting down portions of the City’s more than 120-year-old water system. 

The 12 valves being replaced were located at strategic points on the City's primary transmission system. Until they were replaced, the City could not shut down much of its transmission system without compromising service to vast numbers of customers. As a direct result of the valve replacements in this contract, the system can now be controlled far more efficiently.

One of the major challenges arose when an electrical contractor was excavating rock for installation of traffic control conduit on a nearby street reconstruction project. While excavating, the contractor punctured a 36-inch water main within approximately 100 feet of one of the City’s elevated water storage facilities. Compounding the problem, a roughly 100-year-old 36-inch gate valve controlling the elevated tower was broken during the emergency shutdown. Utilizing proven solutions from previous valve replacement projects, Erdman Anthony developed plans to adapt on-hand materials to remedy the problem. Our contractor was directed to mobilize quickly at the site and carry out the plan. As a result, the broken 36-inch valve was replaced and other safety modifications were made to the tank valve pit. The elevated tank was back online within one week of the initial mobilization.

Project Details


Buffalo, NY


City of Buffalo, Department of Public Works

Project Contact

Daniel Ziemianski, PE
  • Daniel Ziemianski, PE
  • 716-631-1241 x 1103
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