Lisk Bridge

Erdman Anthony was asked to prepare a 3-D surface model suitable for Automated Machine Guidance (AMG) for construction of the new roadway alignments and drainage features associated with the replacement of the bridge over Sandy Creek in Adams, New York.

The proposed centerline alignment, profile, and design cross sections contained in the original 2-D CADD files became the basis for the new 3-D model. In order to create this complex roadway model, a series of design templates were generated to accommodate the variable roadway widths, transitions, and areas of super-elevation within the design corridor. Utilizing these design templates, surface models were generated for all phases of roadway construction (rough grade, sub-grade, and final grade).

The newly generated 3-D design data was then merged with a surface model of the existing site conditions to create a final model of the overall site suitable for construction and volumetric analysis. Reports and cross sections were generated based on the new design model to ensure full compliance with the design specifications. The deliverables for this project included a surface model formatted for the contractor’s AMG equipment, a CADD file containing 3-D polylines of the design corridor, and a point file for layout of proposed features not suitable for AMG. 

Project Details


Adams, NY


Luck Brothers

Project Contact

Bryan Merritt, PSM/LS
  • Bryan Merritt, PSM/LS
  • 561-753-9723 x 6017
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