Loxahatchee Groves Water Control District

The project documented existing drainage conditions within the Loxahatchee Groves Water Control District and identified improvements needed to provide flood protection and ensure compliance with discharge limitations stipulated by the surface water management permit issued by the South Florida Water Management District. Specific tasks within this study included:

  • Determine Existing Drainage Basins: The current drainage conditions of the district were identified and documented on a regional basis. The documentation was in the form of maps generated from CADD files based on Palm Beach County's geographic information system database files (as provided by the LGWCD), which were updated to identify drainage basin boundaries and primary culvert pipes within the canal system. The culvert pipe data included pipe sizes and invert elevations.

  • Determine Storm Stage Elevations: Storm stage elevations were calculated for each drainage basin and correlated with historical data for the existing canal system.

  • Identify Current Drainage Problem Areas: Historical data and accounts were reviewed in conjunction with the data prepared in the previous tasks to identify drainage problem areas within the district. The areas were defined according to the anticipated solution for correction of the flooding, and the areas were prioritized for improvement based on a weighted matrix that incorporated a cost/benefit approach.

  • Establish Canal Control Elevations: The existing basins were reviewed and analyzed to determine if they met the needs of the residents and businesses served by the district. Proposed control elevations for the canals were established, and the system was reviewed to determine if the overall district drainage basin should be split in the vicinity of Okeechobee Boulevard.

  • Establish Future Design Criteria: The data analyzed in previous tasks were used to establish design criteria for the district including items such as discharge limitations, canal design sections, and water quality requirements.

  • Identify Future Improvements: Identify future district improvement projects such as those needed to increase canal capacity and to review the feasibility of adding pumps at the canal outfalls to the C-51 canal to aid in the discharge of storm water in peak events. This task also reviewed upcoming changes by SFWMD to the C-51 Canal to assess their impact on district facilities. 

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Loxahatchee Groves Water Control District

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Bryan Merritt, PSM/LS
  • Bryan Merritt, PSM/LS
  • 561-753-9723 x 6017
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