NYS Digital Orthoimagery Program

Erdman Anthony utilized 12 survey personnel to recover over 170 control points across 23 upstate New York counties and Canada. The project was unique in the fact that all control, targeting, and monumentation had to occur between end of snow cover and onset of leaf-on conditions.

Erdman Anthony's ability to efficiently plan, target, collect field data and set geodetic control monuments in less than two weeks was critical in ensuring that aerial imagery for Lot 5 was successfully obtained. All control monuments, set in Western, Central, and Eastern New York State, conformed to FGCC order C-1 standards.

Erdman Anthony's extensive survey experience within New York State, understanding of the requirements of CSCIC, and reputation for providing quality field survey and data processing were the reasons for VARGIS selecting the firm. Final submission of all surveying products occurred in August 2005 and was deemed acceptable by CSCIC. 

Project Details


Upstate, NY


State of New York Office of Cyber Security and Critical Infrastructure Coordination

Project Contact

Bryan Merritt, PSM/LS
  • Bryan Merritt, PSM/LS
  • 561-753-9723 x 6017
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