Visions Values

Vision & Values

Erdman Anthony is a customer-focused engineering firm with teams of professionals who provide infrastructure solutions that enable our customers to realize their vision — all the while striving to enhance the world around us.

Commitment to Employees

We believe in the value and contributions of all employees. Our success is intrinsically tied to our employees, and their welfare guides our actions. We provide our employees with fair and honest feedback and work with them to continuously raise the bar by which performance is measured. All employees are empowered to control their own destiny, and we help them become all they aspire to be through mentoring, professional development, and training. By setting high expectations within a supportive environment, we are rewarded with employees who are engaged and work with passion, commitment, and enthusiasm.


Treating people with respect and dignity earns their respect. We believe in open and honest communication, fair and consistent treatment for all employees, soliciting opinions and input to support sound decision-making, and team-oriented behavior across all internal boundaries. These actions combine to create an environment of trust within our organization.


We believe in consistent adherence to our core values, principles, beliefs, and actions. We know how important it is that our internal and external reputation is grounded in ethical and honest behavior, and we work individually and as a firm in support of those behaviors. Our reputation is the key to our continued existence and longevity.

Customer Focus

At Erdman Anthony, we work in partnership with our clients. We create the right total solution for our clients by listening to and understanding their issues from the beginning. Through our attention to quality, continuous improvement, and use of innovation, we build value for our clients. This supports their willingness to form sustainable long-term relationships with our organization. Each individual employee’s talent is released into customer-focused performance.